Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taking Your Daughter to Work Night

Last night the San Jose Earthquakes played the Chicago Fire in Santa Clara (fill in your own 'natural disaster vs. natural disaster' line here).  It was a great crowd (seemed like full capacity in the 'charming' Buck Shaw Stadium... I'm still looking for the right euphemysm that doesn't come right out and say old, small, and fan-unfriendly).  If you had Earthquake in your Natural Disaster Fantasy League then you are a lot happier today than if you had Fire - Quakes 5 and Fire 1...

I thought that the last game in New York (or more accurately Harrison, New Jersey in the 'modern' Red Bull Arena ... I'm still looking for the right euphemysm that doesn't come right out and say - hey that stadium is in an old abandoned field in New Jersey) ... showed an Earthquake team that was vastly improved and solid.  The result in New York was a tie but the Quakes were on the upswing.  Now - catching Chicago on the road in a mid-week game - optimists will be happy.

More importantly last night - I took my beautiful daughter-in-law and my even-more-beautiful grand-daughter to the game.  They sat with me in our field seats because my beautiful wife decided that a mid-week game crosses the line of her soccer passion.  There is something about taking children to the game ...

When the boys were young (my boys - Chris, Stephen, and Matthew) -- I used to take them everywhere on the weekends.  I can accurately claim that I have changed diapers in every stadium and sports arena in the Bay Area.  Back in the day (when I dragged them to Candlestick) Chris had his favorite Giant - Candy Maldonado - and Stephen had his - Will the Thrill Clark - and Matty being the youngest probably had his favorite but I am sure his brothers told him he was wrong.  (Side note - Matty now bench-presses more weight than his two older brothers combined and they spend a lot less time telling him he is wronng).

Back to the story -- last night A Pequena Chefona - Emersyn was sitting with Lindsey and me.  Well --- Mr. Emersyn's Dad ... scored a goal and then came over to give his little Angel a kiss.  As luck would have it - Emersyn signed off for the night about 10 minutes before the goal.  There are two lessons in this ---- first - kind of cool if your dad is a professional soccer player and scores a goal and comes over and kisses you on television --- second - it would be cooler if her dad had scored a lot earlier ... like when she was awake.

So - take your daughter to work day ended up pretty fun for the Younger Wondo Family last night.

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