Monday, July 14, 2014

Post World Cup Blues

The 2014 World Cup is over (you probably did not hear that first from me) – and now the next big International event will be Euro 2016 (European Championship) in France in June of 2016.  Qualifying for that starts in two months.

Many of us ‘soccer people’ have a bit of a letdown this week as we did have nearly a month of great soccer competition.  For those of us who were lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Brazil to enjoy the tournament first-hand … we all have to acclimate back to our real lives.  I may be luckier than most in that my real life includes daily workouts at the Renaissance Club Sport in Walnut Creek, California.  If you cannot be in Brazil – then Club Sport is not a bad alternative.  I am pretty sure they have a ‘minimum attractiveness test’ that they apply to people who want to join – because the place is full of beautiful people.  Fortunately for me – I joined about 10 years ago … prior to the institution of the ‘minimum attractiveness test’ and I have been grandfathered in. 

Another non-World Cup thought is that there are a few things I have heard in my life that just never really make sense …  for example some are:  “Oh she is a Basset Hound – what trouble could she possibly get into?” … and there is:  “Your children already paid for that.”  … and the most recent one is something that I am saying today:  “My son is going to Los Angeles this week because of his third ESPY nomination.”  -- I can tell you that if ESPN had never been invented – I would have invented it.  The fact that Chris has been nominated for ESPY awards is something that I cannot really get my head around.  In my world I can only equate it to the day where the Wall Street Journal has a front page article above the fold describing my business executive brilliance.  But unlike good basset hounds, children paying, and me being a model business executive --- the ESPY award is not a fantasy. 

If you think I have trouble getting my head around it … consider my family.  Of course Chris’ brothers will say:  “Oh – are they giving an ESPY to the guy who blew the far post volley at the end of the Belgium game?”  (all those people who tweeted death threats - you cannot compete with his brothers in terms of criticism) … and then there is my wife --- she has watched ESPN roughly 2 times in the past 3 years … both times she watched the ESPYs when Chris was nominated so that she could (1) see if they did shots of Chris and Lindsey in the crowd during the show and (2) see what was in the SWAG Bag that Chris and Lindsey took home.  Four years ago my wife would have thought ESPN broadcast Masterpiece Theatre – but now she is a regular viewer (you know … 3 times in four years counting tomorrow).  I don't know what she thinks they broadcast the rest of the time - probably game shows. 
I am so proud of Chris and so glad that he and Lindsey get to go - two other people who are ecstatic are the two grandmas who will be in a "Spoil A Pequena Chefona Contest" for the next two days. I predict a draw. 


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