Sunday, July 6, 2014

World Cup Semi-Finals ... some MLS ... and Golf

Some familiar teams passed into the Semi-Finals this weekend – Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Netherlands are all probably pretty common picks for fans across the world.  I would guess that the Dutch Coach is feeling pretty happy today – not just for the win but also for his last second substitute of a goalkeeper specifically for the penalty shoot out --- in which the sub saved two shots and Orange jerseys and hats will continue to dot Brazilian cities for another few days at least.

Major League Soccer has kicked back up with games each day for the past few days.   Our San Jose Earthquakes are looking to get some familiar faces into their roster as the World Cup and injuries have caused some problems.  But – one thing I have learned about MLS over the past 10+ years of being a very close observer is that if a team can win three games in a row they will typically dramatically change their position in the standings.  Of course getting the first win is a prerequisite to the three game winning streak so we will be at SJ-D.C. United game this Friday night hoping to witness that first game in the winning streak.

The three Wondo boys – Chris, Steve, Matt – all suffer from the same addiction to golf.  They play together frequently (which makes a father happy) but if brushing your teeth had a scoreboard these guys would compete in tooth brushing --- they are scary competitive.  I always know who wins when they play because the winner will always either phone me or swing by the house to make sure they taunt their brothers. 
I like golf but I don’t play much.  Life has taught me many different ways to humiliate myself in front of friends and strangers and in that regard golf becomes redundant to me. 

Looking forward to the semi-finals this week … 

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