Friday, July 11, 2014

It Sucks Being my Son ... and Unisex Hats (relatively unrelated topics)

Central Garden and Pet

It was great this week to catch up with a few people from my old company – Central Garden and Pet.  I worked at Central’s Corporate Headquarters for about 9 years (depending upon how you count) and struck up great friendships.  During this World Cup apparently they set up a big screen in the Café and watched games there – with many of them knowing Chris and feeling connected to the USMNT.  I understand that there is one Executive Assistant there who clearly won the title of craziest soccer fan ever when the games were on (which is great because she was getting paid for it!). 

It Can Suck Being My Son

I’m going to the San Jose Earthquakes game tonight and it dawned on me that I always wear my lucky hat (which is an old Adidas hat).  Since my son is sponsored by Nike this is one of many things that pretty much drive him crazy.  But here’s my thing … Nike has “Unisex Hats” --- I’m sure somebody up in Beaverton did extensive research to determine that the “Unisex Hat” will sell.  I suspect it is selling --- but it is not selling to me.  I don’t want a “Unisex Hat” … I want a hat that was made for guys.  Trust me – I understand that there is no difference in all likelihood – but there is a difference to me.  Maybe I am simply not confident enough but my fear is that someone will come up and say:  “Oh – do you like those Unisex Hats?.”  So no Unisex Hat for me.  I even told one of the Nike guys who was with the US Contingent down in Brazil when he asked why I had an Adidas hat … he said he would get me a non-Unisex hat – but so far that hasn’t happened – he is probably back in Beaverton telling them that old-crazy-guys are not in their hat demographic. 

I should also acknowledge that the longer one of my sons lives – the more he is subjected to the same repeat stories that I tell.  Years ago I did not realize I was repeating the same old stories – now I vaguely do but don’t care.  I figure that if they sponged off me for 12 years of Catholic School and 4 years of College then the least they can do is listen the same old stories.

The good thing about Sons-in-Law is that they are relatively new to the stories.  Plus – I take them on a fishing trip each summer and we have the unique bond of having both lived with their wives – so they know that I know what they are going through. 

Third Place Game

There is really nothing about the Third Place Game that is usually interesting.  But this year – the bounce back that Brazil really needs to have is a good storyline.  Still though – I will probably be in my garden rather than watching.

The Championship Game

Because my oldest son is a genius … our round at Pebble Beach on Sunday is precisely when the Championship Game is being played.  I shall DVR it and then watch it after knowing the result.  My prediction is that Germany really is as good as they have looked.  I was impressed by Argentina’s midfield in their game vs. Belgium … but Germany may really be that good that this is a result decided by more than one goal. 

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