Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Soccer - and Men Being Idiots

It has been a tough week to be a Brazil Soccer Fan … and there are very few Brazilians who are not soccer fans.  But – they are resilient and their love for the game will help them move forward.  Having a week go by where you are outscored 10 to 1 is difficult for anyone.

Last night we were at the ‘intimate’ confines of Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara for the Earthquakes game.  And with ‘intimate’ I use a euphemism that basically means “how quickly can we get to a real stadium???”.   I know I should be a huge supporter – and I am on every front ... except for that stadium.  I will say – the field is nice and the game production is nice – and everyone is friendly … so you could have worse.  I am counting the days to the new stadium.

Stadium aside --- the San Jose Earthquakes feel so much like ‘home’ and ‘family’.  I would have wanted nothing more for my son in his professional career than to play for this team and their fans.  I may have wanted more points-per-game … but I am pretty convinced that those will come and the second half of the season will be different.  I see these guys play for each other and that is the most important element to the game.

Even though … last night the crowd was warm and supportive of my oldest son and for that I am eternally grateful.  In fact – it really was a fantastic night for a dad. 

Tomorrow I hope for the same warm and supportive environment for my round at Pebble Beach … I am sure that won’t happen though.  My final thought for tonight is that --- really … are women that much smarter than men???  Last night we are driving down to the Quakes-United game and my wife asks out of the blue --- “how much were your new golf shoes today?” – now I used my own credit card that she has no access to and I hid the shoes in the trunk of my car so there was no way that she could possibly know … but all I could come up with was:  “do you mean list price or what I paid?”  (I paid list price by the way).  I am hoping that one day in our lives we husbands may someday realize that we are really in charge – but so far … those facts are not in evidence.  

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