Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Really (really) Random Thoughts ... between WC Final and Earthquakes vs DC

These are really, really random thoughts after being back in the USA for enough time to acclimate.  For reasons I cannot begin to explain – I have gotten a couple of dozen notes from people to continue this blog (at least until it really begins to suck even more…).  I knew you would not believe me so I have asked for affidavits from each of those people –  in the meantime … reflections on soccer and things that may or may not relate to soccer.

And I’m not talking about goal-line technology.  I recorded today’s game (Oranje –vs – The Messis) – because “THE MAN” had me under his thumb in meetings this afternoon.  I got a text from a friend just before game time that I should go to “THE CITY”  (that’s what we cool people call San Francisco) and watch there – and I was diligent in explaining that I was recording the game for later so please don’t tell me the result.  I listened to Sirius in the car to avoid news and game results --- I got home and told my son Matt that I had not yet watched the game --- I told Mildred Penelope that I had not yet watched the game – but before I was going to turn on the game I had to catch up on my email.  One thing led to another – the next thing you know I was clicking on a browser and my home page came up --- and before I watched the game I already knew the PK result.  (PK is Penalty Kicks for anyone who thought that was profanity).  Some might be upset … but since the game was not very exciting (as I understand it) – technology saved 2+ hours of my life.

Consensus among experts that I trust (and verified by my own exhaustive research) – is that the fans at the World Cup are ranked like this – (in terms of beautiful women of course) –
1.        Tie – Argentina and Colombia   
a.       (Note – Argentina wins since they are still there)
2.       Brazil
3.       Belgium 
a.       (Note – I was surprised too … but you cannot argue with facts)
4.       United States

The two most important inventions of our time are (in no specific order) –
·         Water
·         The Big Green Egg
I don’t need to bore you with the details on those because I am sure that every living being on earth relies on both of those every single day. 
My new goal in life is to invent the third most important contribution to our time.  I was thinking that it should be an invention that makes sure your newspaper does not get wet from rain or lawn sprinklers in the morning … but we have a drought in California and I don’t want the local Water Board to think I have my lawn sprinklers on in the morning (Just a heavy dew neighbors … nothing to rat me out about)… So I am now focusing on a dishwasher where the racks, slots, etc. … actually fit the dishes-glasses-utensils that you use on a daily basis.  Moreover – I am going to invent something where you just load the dirty dishes and glasses into the dishwasher like you do garbage in the garbage can and then close it … turn on the switch … and everything is clean and not broken.  I’ll let you know how my prototypes go on that.


I am still slated to play at Pebble Beach on Sunday – Chris gave me the tee time for my birthday.  New update is Stephen can’t go so it will be Chris, Matt, and Me … and Wondo-Friend Lukas.  I went out to the range yesterday after watching 2 hours of You Tube Golf Instructions the night before and I have proven empirically that watching 2 hours of You Tube Golf Instructions does not improve your golf game.  Rather than watch another 2 hours of You Tube Golf Instructions tonight I am going to Dick’s Sporting Goods and buying 60 new golf balls – fully expecting to come back with maybe 1 after Sunday’s round. 

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