Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Warm and Fun Weekend

Today my twin sister celebrated her 56th birthday … I have known her for all of her 56 years as I was a member of the human race 11 minutes before her 56 years ago on July 6th.  I’m pretty amazed that I am 56 years old – mainly because it is really freaking old.  If you had asked me when I was 23 if I was ever going to be 56 I would have probably said – oh god no.  If you had asked me when I was 53 I would have probably said – I sure hope so.  I guess I would have hoped that after 56 years on this earth that a little bit of wisdom might have trickled down to me … but no luck there.  I can only share a few shallow and probably stupid thoughts.

My wife and I have traditionally had very close friends over for July 4th weekend where we just take it really easy and have a great time … this year was no exception (on the great time).  One of the curses of raising children and having them not sue you in court is that they tend to come over for food, drink, and pool on  hot summer days.  This past weekend was hot in Danville, California and there was food and drink so there were children visiting us to make us feel like we are connected with them.  I love my kids and I love my friends’ kids – but when I say they are over for food and drink you can multiply that by 10x in your own mind.  A Saturday night of 8 people turned into a Saturday night of 35 people – but honestly a fantastic and wonderful Saturday night (except for our neighbors – sorry about that neighbors). 
But – in my continuing effort to make people stop reading this blog … here are my top five observations of planet earth after surviving 56 years as an inhabitant:

-          Your family is your family – don’t ever try to change that just try to deal with it (or if you are lucky then try to enjoy it). 
-          Your friends are priceless
-          I cannot explain it but I really like P!nk – I even think she is gorgeous – don’t argue with me … I’m just saying we all have a strange side to each of us
-          A weekend without a trip to either the Hardware Store or the Lumber Yard is a vacant, wasted weekend
-          When you are grilling sausages always use the 3 to 1 rule ---- Mildred Penelope will usually eat 2 of every 3 you take off the grill

That’s it – I hope you had a great July 4th weekend. 


  1. When you first started this blog, I thought it would be so cool to comment and see what you would say back. I guess if you started to comment back, more and more people would comment and this blog would start taking up too much of your time!!! But, one thing I like about personal blogs is the comment section! I LOVE comments! But I am not a famous person's parent, haha!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend. We drove past Danville this week on our way from Chico to the Quakes game on Wednesday and all the kids in my car said, "DANVILLE, that's where Phineas and Pherb are from"...and I corrected them, "No that's where Wondo's dad lives!!!!"

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting - I have done the Danville to Chico drive many many times ... I hope your car grill is not completely covered with bugs from your drive up I5