Friday, September 25, 2015

Wondo Boys Fantasy Football ... and random sports stuff

Wondo Family and Friends NFL Fantasy Football Update

     We are two weeks into the 2015 Wondo Family and Friends Fantasy Football League and there is already a lot of action.  First of all – we added two new Wondo Friends as expansion teams (welcome Mike and Droid) – second of all (just to catch everyone up) The Fighting Basset Hounds are the reigning league champions.
     So far … very early into this season … it has been another opportunity for a father to be proud.  Both Chris (Wear that Green Lacy Thing) and Steve (L.A. Brown-Rice) have won their first two games.  And Matt (Discount Double Check) was edged out in his second game but is still 1-1.  The Fighting Basset Hounds have shown tremendous resiliency in dealing with setback after setback (Dez Bryant injury, Deflategate… Jeremy Hill forgetting how to hold a football) and while their record does not reflect their character --- their character is in first place.
Quakes Playoffs

     It is great to be pressing for a playoff spot in the closing weeks of the season.  I have long said that the way MLS is --- if you can put 3 wins together then you change everything as far as your place in the standings.  This would be the point in the season when putting 3 wins together would be a pretty good move.
     Avaya Stadium is so great – it would be absolutely wonderful to have a playoff game at Avaya in its inaugural year.  I also think it might be so loud that the passengers on the jets landing at SJC would be complaining when they get off the plane.

Random (mostly sports) Thoughts

MLS MVP:  Kei Kamara … no doubt in my mind – great kid, great attitude, and amazing ability. 

MLS Rookie of the Year … most think it has to be Cyle Larin – and it is hard to argue against that --- unless you have seen Fatai Alashe game after game – and in person.  If I could pick any rookie to be on my team (and I love goals) – it would be Fatai.


-          Going to Raider Home opener with by three boys and hooking up with the Moody major-tailgate.  Game was tough – but anytime a guy can be with his three boys???? And talking about the same topic in the same way??? – pretty cool.  And the Raiders have a 1 game winning streak which I like to call - RETURN TO EXCELLENCE. 

-          Seeing my son on the coaching staff bench during a Division I College Game.  That made me smile – what a great accomplishment.

-          Seeing all of my sons start out their fantasy NFL Football year well.  God knows I didn’t have that experience to savor last year … it gives me hope for the next generation.