Monday, July 7, 2014

The Best (or Worst) Birthday Gift

I believe that every single one of my friends - without qualification - would love to play golf at Pebble Beach.  Unfortunately for me ... my son Chris is not taking my friends to play golf at Pebble Beach this weekend - he is taking me.  My wonderful birthday gift from Chris is to play Pebble Beach (I am not nearly good enough at golf to simply call it "Pebble") with a foursome consisting of my three boys (Chris, Steve, Matt ... and me). 

There are countless things in this world that I really suck at (and that doesn't even begin to count my wife's list of things I am really bad at) ... but golf does enjoy a single-digit standing in what I am worst at.  Of course my boys are good, they play frequently (those who saw the video of Chris with the USMNT at Sawgrass are going to have to take my word for that) - about once or twice per year they take me to play with them in their unending effort to humiliate me more than I have humiliated them in their lives.  Looking back - I wish I humiliated them less when they were younger. 

So this weekend I am going to be "that guy" at Pebble Beach who every single golfer there tells stories about for years and years.  But I have two things going for me - (1) I wont keep score I will simply bring 62 golf balls and never go after one of my shots - and (2) my sons will devolve into a cut-throat competition by the second shot and they will ignore me.  With 18 tee shots I suspect I will be ok on 4 and maybe even semi-good on 2 - other than that I am going to disappear into the landscape. 

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  1. Happy birthday! I just caught up on your blog and hope you will continue updating it. You have a very readable style and great stories too!