Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top Five Signs that Soccer is Becoming Popular in the United States

Top Five Signs that Soccer is Getting Popular in the United States:

5.  My blog got 1000 views per day when I was in Brazil … I have – like – 3 friends – (Ok- probably 2 and 1 acquaintance)  -- that many people are interested in my blog because my son plays soccer and I am in Brazil for the World Cup??? – crazy.

4.  Jimmy Fallon gets 1,000,000 views on Youtube for his bits on the World Cup and the U.S. World Cup Team.  This is equal to the National Geographic Youtube video on Platypus Evolution:
Tell me people … did any of us really ever imagine U.S. Soccer as popular as platypus evolution????

3.  The wives of the U.S. Players are so hot that it honestly hurts to look at them – just wait for their vacation pictures to start showing up on  is all I’m saying.

2.  USA fans purchased more world cup tickets for games in Brazil than any other country- (not funny but true).

1.  I don’t really have 2 friends … I like talk to a guy at the gym once in a while and a girl who works at Safeway and call them friends … and still my blog got more than 1000 views per day – so there you go.  And the USMNT won an ESPY last night and one of my favorite players – Kyle Beckerman was there – so that is my number one sign that soccer is popular in the United States.  Now … if the Williams sisters rang my doorbell and wanted to meet me because my son was a soccer player --- that would mean we really made it. 

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