Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday at Pebble Beach (Oh - and apparently Germany Won)

The day at Pebble Beach was fantastic…  and quite surprisingly –I didn’t suck at golf.  In fact – I was on the green putting for birdie four times (ok – so my putts did suck).  Chris was solid, Matt hits the ball so hard that it makes you think that they will just explode on impact --- it is like he really hates the balls --- and Lukas was good, bordering on great.  And --- this is with Lukas hitting LEFT HANDED! --- I cannot even imagine how good Lukas would be if he hit from the right side.  (Note – if you are Lukas’ partner – who I was – don’t borrow his wedge – it faces the wrong direction). 

     Stephen Wondo missed the event due to Earthquakes Academy Try-outs … and when he hears that I was not embarrassingly bad – he’ll toggle between the emotions of denial and reluctant acknowledgment.  Lukas, who pinch hit for Stephen, ended up with an expensive free round of golf since he grabbed breakfast, dinner, club-cleaner-tip, and some adult beverages on the course --- thanks Lukas.

     I did learn a couple of lessons golfing today …

-          Apparently walking right in front of someone else’s ball on the green (between the ball and the hole) gets frowned upon (not just at hole 3 … but also at holes 8, 13, and 16).

-          You can be as awesome as possible on the practice greens … that does not translate to these sadistically tiny and contoured greens at Pebble Beach.


-           If you happen to hit a lucky tee shot that outdistances the other three members of your foursome – your best and perhaps only action is to just shut the f#%@ up (learned that lesson the hard way with Matt)


-           Apparently putting is an important skill


-          If you have 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon – you could do a lot worse than hanging with the Wondo Boys and Lukas on what just may be the most beautiful place on earth … because everyone was serious and while 3 of the group broke 90 in strokes … we all were over 100 in laughs.


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