Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quakes Tie - plus - Fresno and Cleveland Square Off

The San Jose Earthquakes are reaching a point in their season where wins are the only thing that they can be happy with ... but ... if you do not get a win then getting a tie by scoring a goal in the final five minutes on the road is the next best thing.  It was really interesting to watch the game yesterday (San Jose vs. New York Red Bulls) --- when a Penalty Kick was awarded to the Red Bulls the Bay Area Announcers were convinced it was a completely horrible missed call --- watching the highlights later that night (from the New York Feed) the New York Announcers were convinced it was a completely black-and-white correct call.  That just goes to show you that officiating live play is tough (I will say that the way the ball bounced I would bet it hit Cahill's head rather than Lenny's arm).  I think my son agrees with me but unlike Chris - I did not get a yellow card arguing my point of view --- I just screamed at the Big Screen loud enough to wake up my Basset Hound, Mildred Penelope.

This week I have taken my talents to Northeast Ohio (I don't know if that line has been used before but I am thinking of trademarking it).  I am sitting in Cleveland, Ohio this evening (I wrote that just to make you envious).  My professional life is a tapestry of glamorous metropolitan culture ... I do not want this to come across as bragging but not only was I able to fly all day Sunday to go to Cleveland but last week I was in Fresno.  I cannot help but do a comparison of Fresno and Cleveland (and I do not mean to upset anyone --- I am just trying to find humor after sacrificing my Sunday to THE MAN).

Fresno has roughly twice the population of Cleveland so if you like more people - Fresno wins that category if you like less people - Cleveland wins.

Cleveland sits on the southern shores of Lake Erie (a bit north of Akron and a bit east of Toledo).  Fresno hasn't seen actual water since the current drought started a couple of years ago.  If you like water - Cleveland wins.

The Cleveland Indians are two games above .500 (after today's game) while the Fresno Grizzlies are 3 games under .500.  Some might give that edge to the Indians (especially since they are Major League and the Grizzlies area AAA) but I call that a draw because the Grizzlies are my Giants farm team.

Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while Fresno has 287 jukeboxes within the city limits that can play Rock and Roll.  The edge here goes to Cleveland.

Cleveland has LeBron - (again) - Fresno never had LeBron but they did have Jerry Tarkanian coach the Fresno State Bulldogs.  The edge goes to Cleveland.

After this analysis -- I should be very happy to be in Cleveland.

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  1. The Grizzlies ball girl might help Fresno...