Friday, August 1, 2014

First Ever Tailgaters at Levi Stadium Tomorrow

The Earthquakes are playing Seattle at the new Levi Stadium tomorrow evening and the Wondos will be among the very first tailgaters at the new stadium as this game is the debut event for the stadium.  A crowd of above 45,000 is expected.

Thanks to my Italian Wife --- I think about half of the 45,000 people will be part of our tailgate.  Joanne loves a good party and she will even tolerate a soccer game if she can organize a good party and at least loosely associate it with the soccer game.

I've looked at the parking lots and they do not look like they lend themselves well to tailgating - in fact I have a real fear that by the time the game starts we may all look like ants that have been under a  microscope in the sun all afternoon.  But I am there for the soccer game and I am the driver of at least one of the vehicles so I will be there.

Look for a captivating account of the event on this Award Winning Blog.  I'll tweet pictures for those who are playing at home.

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