Saturday, August 9, 2014

Earthquakes-Galaxy Recap --- We Basically Watched a Star Wars Movie

The Earthquakes went on the road to a very difficult place to play (very large field in Carson) – against a very good team that has been playing very good soccer.  Adding to their challenge was that Los Angeles’ best player (in fact best U.S. Player to ever play) – Landon Donovan – just announced that this season would be his last season as a player.  The Earthquakes are suffering from injuries and still trying to claw their way back into relevancy in Major League Soccer.

So this past Friday night seemed like it might be better to be an Oakland Raiders fan as they started their newest rebirth in their first pre-season game at Minnesota a couple of hours before the Earthquakes game.  But those who picked Raiders … had a rougher road. 

How did the Earthquakes tie the Galaxy on Friday night in Carson, California?  I don’t really know.  Unofficial recollection of the game statistics had the Galaxy with 273,564 shots and the Earthquakes with 3.  Fortunately for the Earthquakes, while they converted 67% of their shots into goals – the Galaxy converted 0.000001% of their shots into goals.  Also fortunately for the Earthquakes – the Galaxy decided to shoot about 273,562 of their shots not directly at the goal and hope for the best.

Last night was like the old Star Wars movies … where the Empire Soldiers … all decked out in their white armor and great weapons – went into battle stations by the hundreds against the rag-tag group of Rebels (who numbered 2 guys, 1 girl, 1 wookie with a speech impediment, and 1 pessimistic android).  While the Empire Storm Troopers fired thousands of lethal rounds from their state-of-the-art weapons … the Rebels fired about 3 shots and ended up killing 10,000 Empire Storm Troopers with those 3 shots.

So to me – that was last night.  Somehow, improbably, as the dew set in late evening in Carson --- the Earthquakes and Galaxy ended up with the same total of goals when the game was over.  I guess all us Northern Californians can say is … “It’s L.A. people – nothing makes sense down there

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