Thursday, August 7, 2014

MLS Soccer Announcers - Revisions and Additions

Two quick revisions/additions to yesterday’s important blog on MLS Soccer Announcers and Color Commentators …

A few people whose opinions I value ‘reminded’ me that I am an idiot for not including Gus Johnson in the good list.  I could not argue either the point that I am an idiot nor the idea that Gus Johnson is a good Play by Play Soccer Announcer.  Gus brings the street cred of being that rare American Sports Announcer who has been on networks for other major sports and then picks up soccer and does well.  We were lucky enough to have Gus do a few radio games for the San Jose Earthquakes in seasons past --- and hearing his audio on some replays was really great.

Other people – many I don’t know – wanted to use me as their proxy for completely blowing up Steve McManaman of ESPN.  I would argue that he doesn’t do MLS games but he does from time to time work as studio guy for MLS playoff games.  Those people (many I don’t know) wanted me to write that his act of talking down to American Soccer Fans because they are American Soccer Fans is a bit abrasive – ok --- they wanted me to say that it is far too abrasive (they had other adverbs).  While I don’t know why ESPN would have him from time to time do MLS games when he wants to just belittle the product --- I nevertheless keep my journalistic objectivity and point out that he has great hair.  I have to give him tremendous credit because I am neither on television – nor – have great hair.  

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