Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It is Football Season ... and What that means in Wondo's World.

     I know that I am supposed to be a soccer fan … and I am … but football season is starting (yes that football not that other football that we pretend is football while we know it is really soccer) – with college games this weekend and the National Football League (let’s call it the NFL) starting the following week. 

     I love football season … for full disclosure I love long walks on the beach, a good romantic novel, hot cocoa in front of the fire with my Basset Hound, and little kittens.  But football season people !!!  The start of football season is better than the first robin in spring, better than the first hot day at the beach in June, better than going to a high school reunion and seeing the girl you had a crush on is married to an unemployed guy who could stand to lose 300 pounds … I mean it is really good.

     I always loved football (again the real football not the football that is really soccer that ‘cool soccer fans’ have to call football) … when we started to combine grilling with football – we really invented something that is even better than drinking beer and fishing on a warm fall day. 

     My point is simply that even though we are saying goodbye to summer – we are saying hello to football season.  That is like having Halle Berry move away from next door but at the same time Beyonce moves in instead – it is all good. 

     This year I am going to try my first structured and formal Fantasy Football League.  We have my three boys, my two sons-in-law, and two close Wondo Friends all in the league.  I’ve never done a structured “real” one before so I am pretty clueless which will explain why I am the League Commissioner.  Our draft is on Labor Day and at dinner tonight my youngest son talked to me like I was in kindergarten because of my stupid questions.

     All in all – this may be more than I had bargained for … but I am going to see it through.  It seems a little too intense and there is studying and research and other things that none of my sons did when I was actually paying for their schools.  I may be longing for grilling and watching football without seeing how many yards Matt Ryan has thrown for so far in the game … but I’ll keep you posted on how a soccer (other football) guy fits in with a football (real football) Fantasy League.

     And … if the Raiders suck again – and my starting quarterback is actually Matt Flynn because I wasn’t paying attention … I can always put a few beers in the cooler and go out to the lake where at least the fish will not bother me. 

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