Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Frustrating Soccer Officials --- and NFL Fantasy Football Outlook

Earthquakes-RSL and then NFL Fantasy Draft
This past weekend’s San Jose Earthquakes – Real Salt Lake game was a bit maddening … but most MLS games are to one degree or another.  It was not the first game where a penalty kick was awarded where no foul occurred … but it was the most recent really important game for the Quakes and that result --- particularly due to that call --- was upsetting.  Fortunately – I don’t think MLS can fine me for complaining about a really bad call … that is one of the best things about writing an Award-Winning – yet obscure – blog.

NFL Fantasy Draft
Our 8 team league is in full swing (your blog editor’s first foray into the world of fantasies that pertain to parts of Sports Illustrated that are not directly related to the Winter Swimsuit Edition).  We have the full Wondo Boys contingent (Chris, Stephen, Matt, and me) – along with my two sons-in-law and two very close family friends.  The Wondo Boys Division is made up of “Fighting Basset Hounds”, “East Bay Brown-Rice”, “Run DMC Feat. MJD”, and “Foles Finds Holes”. 

The draft was great – 6 owners were there in person … 1 used the excuse that he was in Europe and 1 used the excuse that he is a Fire-Fighter and was out saving lives.  Being Commissioner, I levied fines on both of them. 
But I know everyone wants to know about my team – here is a sneak peek:

-          It is Fantasy Football so Character Does Not Matter:
·          I drafted a couple of guys who were stupid enough to both get busted for weed possession at the same time … and another guy who (after I drafted him) got a 4 game suspension for amphetamine usage.

My points on that:

1)       I didn’t draft lawyers … my poor Steelers Running Backs were basically duped by the man.  My guys (Cheech and Chong) “Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blout” did not realize they could get busted for DUI when they did not actually drink anything (just smoked marijuana and had bags of it in the car when busted).  Fortunately – I do not need locker room unity – I need yards and touchdowns from my backs and the NFL Players Association Bargaining Agreement will keep them on my team and active until the Pittsburgh judicial system winds its expeditious course. 

2)       Wes Welker from Denver was a nervy late round pick up by me … only to find out today that he has been suspended for Amphetamine Use.  I do not condone Amphetamine Use and I am particularly against Amphetamine Use when it results in a suspension of one of my players (I have a code after all). 

-          Wondo Boys Summary -- 
·          My sons had trouble keeping up with my bold and innovative draft strategy. 

Ø   Stephen has a similar calling to help and counsel players in trouble so he drafted Ray Rice.  Somehow though he ended up with Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall … but he has Matty Ice and I think that is a reach.
Ø  Matt is solid with Peyton Manning and Julio Jones but he also has a sentimental side where he may have drafted past prime like Larry Fitzgerald, Tom Brady, and MJD.
Ø  Chris got the receiver in Demaryius Thomas and the back in Matt Forte – he is putting his trust in Chip Kelly’s offense and Nick Foles however … some see that as a risk. His darkhorse?  Sammy Watkins of Buffalo – his TE is probable (Cameron) with no other cover currently.
Ø  Sons in Law – Brendan somehow got Drew Brees when we were not looking – Chris (Big Country) picked up Adrian Peterson through Auto Draft.
Ø  Friends – Zack has Seattle Def/ST (let’s hope for him that they don’t get penalized every single defensive snap) – Dominic has RG3 and Jimmy Graham.

All in all – a good holiday weekend.  Matt is holding the money paid in on the dues so I expect to be getting my winnings in January. 

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