Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup Finals in Brazil

As recently as May 21st of this year I would have been the most surprised person on planet earth that I would be heading to the World Cup Finals in Brazil a few weeks later.  But on May 22nd at 2:30pm my son Stephen called me and simply asked: "Did you hear?" ... I was in the back seat of a car with three other colleagues in Fresno heading to the Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball Park where we were about to conduct an Executive Seminar (yes, I know ... not quite the pinnacle of professional glamour).  Stephen had just seen on the US Soccer Twitter site that the final roster was selected and his brother - my oldest son - was one of 23 U.S. players who made the final cut.  Stephen's cutting edge news scoop was confirmed 10 minutes later when Chris called to let me know.

So now, this guy who is anything but a world traveler ... this guy, whose idea of seeing a soccer game is sitting on my couch watching my big screen ... this guy, whose son just cannot seem to stop accomplishing amazing soccer feats ... is heading to Brazil.

Stephen is already in Sao Paulo, he will head to Rio and then I meet him in Natal on Sunday June 15 at 3:30am.  We then spend two weeks together - herded and cared for by US Soccer - following the US team from Natal - to - Sao Paulo - to - Manaus - to - Sao Paulo - to Recife.

This blog's main objective is not to bore any readers and lull them to sleep ... it is to let my friends and family keep connected with an amazing father's adventure - to watch his son be part of the US Soccer team in the World Cup Finals ... and to be able to do it with another one of his sons.  The adventure appropriately starts on Father's Day.

To Matt - I wish you could come too .... my youngest Son Matt will be staying in the Bay Area taking care of Chris and Lindsey's dogs and helping keep our house standing.

To Joanne - thanks so much for saying yes to this trip (and writing the not insignificant check).  I'll miss you but this blog will be my way of boring and annoying you without being next to you.

To Michelle and Katie --- just dont touch my Weber or Green Egg while I am gone - and help your mother figure out how to turn on and off the television and sound system.


  1. World Cup "Finals" or just "The World Cup"?

  2. Mine starts on Fathers day as well. I'll be on the SFO 1pm flight! =) Anyway, happy blogging and best of luck to the USA team!

  3. You didn't say Brendan couldn't touch the BBQ's!! Have a blast!!