Thursday, June 19, 2014

I think I have decoded the traffic laws in São Paulo - you drive as fast as you possibly can without hitting the car in front of you... and from time to time even that natural law of traffic is violated.  Being a National Holiday today, the traffic downtown is very light -- and very fast.

Also being a National Holiday - the Parque de Ibirapuera had hundreds upon hundreds of runners.  It looked like a popular 10k or Half-Marathon ... even with a cool drizzle the crowd was amazing.   And the scenery was amazing - both foliage and human.  Generalizations are just that - generalizations ... for instance there are beautiful women everywhere in the world, in fact the most beautiful woman in the world is of Italian descent and lives in Danville, California.  But Brazilian women - oh my goodness are they beautiful.  And at the parque today - the female crowd would make even a blind man sprain his neck.

I have developed two theories on why Brazilian women are so beautiful:  (1) God made Brazilian women first and then found out that he had run out of some scarce parts so he used different parts to create women throughout the rest of the world.  My competing theory is (2) God made Brazilian women last and their creation benefitted from His learned lessons after creating all other women and the parts were improved over the other women.  I dont know which one is accurate - but that is what I have come up with.

Coming back from my run the lobby of the hotel is packed with Uruguayans and Brits ... and they are a nervous lot with serious faces as they await transport to the stadium for the game today.

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