Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beautiful ... and then Rainy ... Late Fall Day in Sao Paulo

Today was a very relaxing day for USMNT and families in São Paulo.  An 80 degree sunny morning gave way to a 60 degree wet evening - but the families and team had fun.  The Family Hotel has a Family Lounge with large screen televisions, couches, coloring books, and anything any family would need (the coloring books are my favorite).  It also has video games and the best part of the day was when Clint Dempsey's kids became so excited that their dad had scored ---- on the video game that they were playing.  That kind of stuff is so priceless that we will remember it forever.

Seeing the children with their dads and the wives with their husbands makes old dads like me just smile from ear to ear.  I still think of these players as kids ... but they are young men and very successful professionals.  I also got a chance to see my own son facetime with his wife and baby as they were in Houston waiting for their connecting flight to São Paulo - that made my heart melt.

Enough of the sappy stuff - I realized today that there are many of the team families that have spent years not only creating a member of the United States Men National Team --- but also creating a stunt double in case that was needed.  There are brothers and cousins here that are basically stunt doubles for the sibling/cousin who is on the USMNT.

From our Family-Program-Team -- we have our own Altidore ... we have a Fabian Johnson Stunt man ... with a different haircut - our Dempsey would rival Clint ... we have a Wondo Stunt Double ... a Zusi look alike ...a Beasley body double - and even a Besler clone.  We could field our own team if we needed to.

Tomorrow is back to work for the USMNT - and back to trying to work out as much as the Beslers for every Family Member.  Some of us will be going to the England-Uruguay game - and others will be out enjoying this wonderful city.  Population about the same as New York City and by square miles - second largest city in the world.  Walking the streets here gets the adrenaline going - some locals are awesome at dodging cars and motorcycles --- you can wait for the "WALK" sign - but trust me it makes no difference ... being a pedestrian here is a survival of the fittest contest.

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