Monday, June 30, 2014

Attending a World Cup - Things I have Learned

Things I have learned from Going to My First World Cup …

I have been a life-long soccer fan – as a player, coach, referee, fan, and as my favorite role – dad.  And I have tried to be a life-long student of all things I experience.  Therefore in an effort to burn off nervous energy before the US-Belgium game tomorrow, I offer what is probably a very lame attempt at “Things I Have Learned” by attending my first World Cup. 

Open Table does not cover many Sao Paulo Restaurants … if you are looking for a good Italian bite to eat you should just talk to Luis Suarez.

I love our brethren from the United Kingdom but I have never been around more nervous and pessimistic fans (except at an Oakland Raiders game) …

The Brazil fans are wonderful – five minutes before kick-off firecrackers (and probably gun shots and a few cannon shots) go off all over Sao Paulo – then the entire population of the city stops wherever they are and watch the game.  They have two objectives:  (1) they enjoy the game and (2) they support their team.

Whenever you start thinking “hey my son’s in the world cup” … you need a dose of the Beasley Family --- four World Cups and they are just totally chill.

My fatherly ship has sailed on World Cups … but if you find yourself in Russia with the Beslers … start putting in the distances and the intervals before showing up or Greg Besler is going to smoke you.

The Amazon Rainforest really is hot and humid … I mean really hot and humid. 

If you ever wonder what the best player on a field looks like – get to a game in person and watch Tim Howard --- UNBELIEVABLE. 

If you went to Brazil and thought your Two Year Old Basset Hound was going to be good while you were gone … then you would have been surprised when you got the following Viber text during the USA-Portugal Game:  “… several of our friends are on Google checking to see if eating 14 toothpicks is a problem for a Basset Hound.  Millie powered down a whole platter of sausages before kick-off.  Everyone is pretty upset because those sausages looked good.” 


  1. So proud of the team. Hope all the fans keep following the guys at their clubs. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything this team has done and I'm a big fan of your son. Chris is a great role model for me and I look forward to cheering him on for the Quakes. Hope he keeps his head held high, he made me proud to be his fan.