Monday, June 16, 2014

Game Day

It is Game Day in Natal.  The team's hotel is about 500 meters (see meters - I'm just trying to blend in here) from the family members hotel - but they are in lock down mode - no vistors.  I suspect that even the most daring family member would think more than twice about going because the hotel is surrounded by more than 12 fully armed military police who wear constant frowns.

When we got in to Natal at 3:30am on Sunday morning it was raining and that rain was steady up until 10:00am when it lightened up and then stopped completely by noon Sunday.  In the past 24 hours we have been pretty much rain-free but there is rain likely at least to some degree this evening (game time 7pm here).

Natal really is beautiful where we are.  I can't wait to see the stadium and the crowd.  The team is so ready to play that the weather is really a non-issue they appear to be completely locked in.  Every game is vital but each team is so invested in their first game that the intensity is amazing.

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