Sunday, June 29, 2014

Filling Downtime Between Games for USMNT Family Group

The USMNT is up in Salvador probably wrapping up training for Sunday.  Being winter in Brazil it gets dark pretty early – by 5pm the sun is starting to give way to evening.  The families will be heading up to Salvador on another one of their familiar bus rides to the airport and then plane rides to the new city and then bus rides to the hotel.  We’ll hope for less rain than what they dealt with in Recife.  Today I reflect on the Family Group and how enjoyable it has been to meet them all and to travel with them --- and --- to have some major down time at hotels across Brazil.  Here is the Family Group Traveler’s Guide to pass the downtime.

If you just wanted to hang out with the quintessential American Soccer Families – the Zusis and Beslers fit that bill.  They have the required hot soccer moms, athletic dads, attractive and active siblings and extended family.  They have been to tournaments for the past 20 years and have learned how to have fun in any extended downtime between games in unfamiliar places.

If you had the urge to go out and run 10 miles at some god-awfully-fast-pace … just find Greg Besler who is more than happy to run very fast for long distances in hot weather.  I will confess that while I ran each day – I was successful at avoiding his pace and distance.  I’m pretty sure David Zusi was not as fortunate as me in that regard.

If you just wanted to hang with cool people … then you would find the Beasleys.  DaMarcus is in his fourth World Cup – so this aint their first rodeo. 

If you were not sure what you wanted to do but you wanted to be fully entertained – the Jones family would be the right call.  Those kids are beyond cute – and then when you add in the daredevil factor – you have instant entertainment.

If you wanted to hang at the pool – the Davis girls would be your ambassadors. 

If you wanted to go to corner taverns around Sao Paulo and watch the games with the locals – Stephen and I would be your best bet. 

If you wanted women to flock to you (and you were not extraordinarily attractive) just grab Emersyn Wondo and carry her around – instant chick magnet.

If you found yourself stranded in the hotel due to flood waters and impassable streets and unable to get to a game – but wanting to make the best of the situation --- then you would have wanted to be with all of the USMNT Families because that is how they roll.


  1. Any interactions with Coach Jurgen Klinsmann??? And is his family there??? Hope to see Chris in tomorrow's game!!!!

  2. Coach Klinsmann is an inspiration - his optimism and his demeanor are great. I have not spoken one-on-one with him but am so happy that he is leading this team. I hope to see Chris in the game too ... but I am honestly more invested in the team - if Chris can contribute - --- then great -- of course if he scores the winning goal I will probably explode.