Sunday, June 22, 2014

Game Day - Chapter 2

Some folks have been asking for pictures - I have been posting some pictures on Twitter at @jwondo - check  that out for pictures from this intrepid blog editor.  Since A Pequena Chefona has been here the pictures have featured The Little Boss frequently - but those of us in Digital Communications realize babies sell.

I went for a run around Manaus to see if I could proclaim myself fit for the 90 minutes this evening - I am good to go.

Plenty of watch parties back home - Casa de Juando (Wondo) will be hosting 30 or so friends and neighbors in Danville.  In Downtown Danville Pete's Brass Rail and Carwash will be a very Wondo-friendly place to watch.  If you dont know - there is no Brass Rail nor is there a Carwash - and good luck finding Pete.  It is a great sports hangout though with good drink and good food.  The Burlingame Alain Pinel Realtors Office is managed by Mrs. Wondo and they will be congregating at a Burlingame Establishment for the Peninsula USMNT/Wondo Watch Party.

Wherever you watch this evening's game - thanks for supporting the USMNT ... this is a special group of players and coaches - you know at the very least they will represent the USA with all of their heart and efforts.

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