Monday, June 16, 2014

Winning is pretty cool

If someone had told me we would win 2 to 1 and I was able to choose two things about the game I would choose - we score early and we score late.  So mission accomplished

But there are more important things to talk about (now that we have 3 points after one game).

I have been amazed - the US National Team Men have families that are pretty much the most attractive families I have ever seen.  Trust me - I have been in Brazil for the past few days where there are more beautiful women per square inch than anywhere on earth (with the possible exception of the mall in Orange County at Newport Beach - oh and dont forget my house where beautiful women are everywhere - it's crazy).

The Jones family is beyond beautiful - the Bedoyas had both numbers and attractiveness - Beckerman family is very easy to look at - every other family made a strong case for themselves the Davis family and the Wondo-Karkula family were excluded from consideration because I am partial to both... but the Dempsey family would be the most attractive extended family for any other team that did not have the Zusis.  The Zusi family is about a dozen members - both male and female super models that happen to be soccer fans.

Here is my bold soccer prediction ... when the USA is playing in the championship game - the network will set a new record for family shots.  I'm telling you - these USA Men come from some very impressive stock.

Here is one more tidbit about the US Families ... if you think you can get to the hotel gym at 7am and it wont be crowded - you never went to a hotel with the USMNT soccer families - these people dont get that good looking by sleeping in.

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  1. Wondo .. Something is happening for you. a moment it, embrace it .. it's there. Call it fate, fortune... everyone will see and be amazed