Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day Weekend - Part 1

Currently sitting at LAX waiting for my flight to São Paulo ... still in disbelief about where I am going and - more disbelieving about why I am going.  

Father's Day is this Sunday and it has traditionally been a day when everyone has to eat my bbq/grilling/smoking - or all three.  Nobody complains and I can confidently say that I have improved year over year in those categories. 

Being a dad - that is something else.  No recipe ... stuff on Youtube is not very helpful ... and it is the most important thing I will ever do.  This weekend will be the best Father's Day I ever had - my youngest Matt drove me to the airport (missing the Chile-Australia game in the process) - I am meeting my middle son Stephen in Natal on Sunday and the two of us will be connecting with my oldest, Chris, on Sunday.          (in the meantime- my son-in-laws Brendan and Chris will keep their distance from my Weber and my Big Green Egg -- )  and my two step-daughters Katie and Michelle will be making sure that Brendan and Chris ignore that last instruction --- 

Semi-quick thought --- apparently one of my worst fathering moves ever (and trust me this is not a short list).  About six months before Chris was to be married he was on the Houston Dynamo and not playing very much --- I decided that I needed to "advise" him that he should seriously consider retiring and building a new career. 

Well --- brilliant as I am --- a short time later he was traded to San Jose ... he and Lindsey were able to move back home ... Chris won the Scoring Title - then the MVP - and 3 years of Best XI and All Star Games ... then moved to the USMNT ... and now I am flying to Brazil to watch him wear the USA badge in World Cup. 

Maybe not the worst fathering move ever - but certainly a contestant for the top ten. 

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