Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feast of Corpus Christi

In the predominantly Catholic Brazil - today is a National Holiday celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi.  This impacts me in two ways -- first, I am Catholic so it resonates with me -- second (on a more secular level) it means the laundry I took to the cleaners yesterday cannot be picked up until tomorrow.  But it is just Stephen and me so it is not a catastrophe - guys spend most of their formative years learning how to extend days out of their clothes before laundering.

If anyone tells you that "nearly everyone speaks english in Brazil" - don't believe it.  Yesterday I think I was the only one who spoke english in Brazil ... certainly I was the only one at the cleaners yesterday.  I gave them the clothes but it is not a routine transaction - they had about 317 questions that I needed to answer on how I wanted them done (I think) and it  turned out that they were all open-ended questions - not yes/no - further complicating the adventure. The proprietor was very patient with me but I have no idea what I actually ordered.  They now have several shirts, shorts, and a couple of jeans ... along with some assorted socks, etc... and when I pick the stuff up tomorrow I fear that there is a very real possibility I actually ordered them to be washed, dried, and cut into little shreds before being poured into a laundry bag for my pick-up.  A few of my choices raised the eyebrow of the proprietor so I am concerned.  I'll let  you know tomorrow -

USMNT back to training today and head to Manaus tomorrow - the littlest Wondo and her mom and grandma should be at GRU Airport right now clearing customs and soon catching up on sleep here at the hotel.  Stephen and I are taking in the England-Uruguay game today which will give us an opportunity to try out São Paulo Public Transportation.  I'll let you know how that goes -

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