Thursday, June 26, 2014

Group of Death = Group of Life for USA

Not news - but WE MADE IT THROUGH!!!!!  For all of you have been in 4 team groups in tournaments you know that the goal is getting through to the next round (regardless of specific sport).  And our body of work - a good win, a tough tie, and an incredibly gutty 1 goal loss --- combine to get us into the final 16 team single-elimination 'knock-out' round. 

I have told you before that this team has heart.  Who knows what will happen (long time soccer people know that the soccer gods are typically cruel) --- but I really like the attitude and heart of our boys.  They are wonderful young men - and I would not advise anyone to bet against them in a single-elimination game.  I can promise you this ... no matter what happens during the next game that our team will give it all they have.

I'm back stateside as of last night - my wife cleared out the house (except for our miniature dachshund and my beloved basset hound) - so that I would have nobody around me during the game (this morning in California).  Well ... Addie and Millie hung around for the first half but got a little tired of my jumping up and down and screaming at the television so I was totally solo in the second half. 

I am told that many (if not all) of our Family Group in Recife were not able to get to the game due to the flooding.  I am told that the busses could not get to the hotel because of the height of the water and that some (or all) of the Family Group actually had to watch the game on television from the hotel.  I'll verify that but the Internet connection in the hotel was spotty at best and the flooding did not make it any better.  BUT - they all have another game to attend. 

If the weather permitted - our team and the Family Group headed back to Sao Paulo this evening --- where they are going to face a little more rain (but nothing like Recife).  As I hear more I will send it along ... but I have to warn you that I am going to continue this blog until the US Team finishes (which could very possibly be another two weeks). 

Another outcome of today is that my son Chris will continue growing his hair (he wont cut it until the World Cup is over) --- he started this mission back at the South Korea game 5 months ago when we played in Los Angeles. 

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