Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last Few Days of Fall

We are in the final few days of fall here is São Paulo - when Summer starts in the USA this weekend, winter will start in Brazil.  This morning at 7am it was a beautiful fall day, sunny and temps at about 70 degrees with a faint cool feel to the air.  It will warm up and it will be a beautiful day.  I think the fitness center at this hotel is being renovated and the temporary replacement is ... well ... not really a replacement.  For this traveling group that is a big thing ... this is a fit group of families.  But the editor of your award winning blog has provided a bit of relief for the group.

This morning I went on a run - with traffic and the unpredictable sidewalks in São Paulo a run in the city is a bit of a challenge.  (By "bit of a challenge" I really mean a death wish").  But I came across the Parque de Ibirapuera less than a mile from the hotel.  It is an enormous municipal park with man made lakes, acres of grass and miles of paved and dirt trails.  Once that discovery was shared with some of the families it took about 3 minutes before there was a group of very fit family members assembled at the front door and off to the Parque for their run ... led as you might suspect by the Beslers.

Today is a day off for Team USA - depending on their personalities their day will be anything from exploring the city to sleeping 23 hours (or 23.5 hours if you are my son).

I will let you in on a Wondo family poll that completed two days ago.  Chris' wife, his brothers, and his father all unanimously agreed that he should not wear any type of headband to try to keep his hair out of his face during a game.  I was told by Chris' brother that Chris had sent a trial balloon up on that - but reports have indicated that has been shot down.  I can tell that his hair is bugging him enough that he may just cut it himself in the locker room after they win the Championship Game - but he is definitely not cutting it until after we win.  The two loves of his life get into São Paulo tonight so he will be a very happy man tomorrow.

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  1. when you talked about the sidewalks, and your post title was about "fall", I thought you took a fall on your run!!!!